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Episode 5 – Luke Scott

Today I will be meeting with Luke Scott, who is the owner and founder of Mortgage Advice.

Luke started working as a commercial teller for a bank while at university. After completing his Business Degree in Marketing/Management he soon found a job with a mortgage broking firm in the marketing team.

3 years later he was mortgage broking and then went on to become a financial planner. In 2012 he decided to come back to broking on his terms and started as a fee for service broker.

His company Mortgage Advice is now in its 8th year of operation and has helped hundreds of people get mortgages.

So what is it that Luke does to help investors become successful with their investing journeys? Luke specializes in investment lending with the majority of his clients multiple investment property holders.

Watch the video and find out from Luke more about how he does this.

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