Mistakes are part of every investor’s journey, and if you haven’t made any then it’s likely because you’ve taken an ultra-conservative approach – or you’re not being truthful with yourself. The reality is that we all grow from the mistakes we make, and property investing is no different. These investors are kind enough to share one of their biggest investing mistakes, all within 1 minute!


This Property Market Investor Expert Series has been created so that you can learn from the mistakes which might otherwise be made along your investing journey, and open up your knowledge to identify investing opportunities which you may have otherwise not been aware of. In each episode we meet with one of Australia’s leading property professionals, as they share their own investing insights.


This Property Market Investor Real Investor Success Series has been created so that everyday Australian investors can share their investing stories to the benefit of those looking to grow their own investing knowledge. In each episode we meet and hear from an everyday property investor who has had to face a multitude of challenges, but have had the motivation and desire to persevere through to the impressive place they have now put themselves in.