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Investor Expert Garry O'Mara: Property Developer wih 27 years experience - Property Market Investor

Episode 4 – Gary O’Marra

In this episode of The Experts Series we catch up with Garry O’Mara, who’s been investing and buying property for other investors for over 27 years.

Garry was originally involved in the property education space, before moving into completing his own development projects. His first of which was a 43 lot Subdivision on the Northside of Brisbane.

Garry has been involved directly and indirectly in upwards of 1000 property investments over the last 27 years ….as well as $30 million worth of his own private developments.

So what is Garry’s strategy? Garry’s strategy and area of expertise is splitter blocks within high capital growth suburbs of South East QLD.

Watch the video and find out from Garry more about his successful property strategy.

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